Living Room

You are standing in a living room, decorated in a very conventional late 20th century American style. All of the usual accoutrements are present - a well-used sofa facing a decent sized TV, a small desk with a computer, a coffee table ringed in chairs. Against one wall, you see a grandfather clock and an assortment of framed pictures.

Here and there, you see recent signs of life - a coffee cup that isn't quite cool, a board game left unfinished. You can't hear any voices or footsteps, though. The residents must be gone for the moment.

This must be the heart of the house, because lots of rooms open into it. There's a hallway behind you, a staircase leading up, and two doors - one leading to the kitchen, one to an office or den.

The clock sounds as you enter the room.

Use the computer

Examine the board game

Examine the pictures

Enter the office

Go up the stairs

Enter the kitchen

Go down the hall

Go out onto the porch