A Girl's Diary

The diary opens with a snapping sound that echoes longer than you'd like. It's a good thing that no one's around.

It falls open to a recent entry:

Thank God that's over is all I can say. Why is this whole 4th of July barbecue thing such a big deal to everyone? Yeah, I need to sit around the yard watching a bunch of drunk people walk around and talk shit. At least they don't creep on me like they do to Carlie, I swear if anyone tries THAT he'll choke on his nuts.

But it was kinda special this time because Dad brought the future stepmom on by, and she brought dear stepbrother. Ellie's still a little bit awkward, but this Roderick kid is another LEVEL. I swear, he wouldn't have talked to anyone if his Mom didn't make him. That was the whole afternoon - she drags over someone from the neighborhood to meet him (making nice I guess), the kid says a few words, then he wanders off as soon as he can. Over and over again, I swear.

I mean I get it, talking to these people is real, REAL boring. One of these days, another one of them's gonna ask me where I want to go to school and what I want to major in, and I'll snap all over them. But I least I know how to speak, to keep the conversation going. Roderick's like some kind of alien, acting like he doesn't belong here at all. Dad brought him over and had him sit with us and I swear he was SCARED. God, he's a million times worse than Ellie.

This wasn't what I expected from our new genius bro, but maybe this is really normal and I just never know. I mean, is that what it's like to be so smart? You get afraid of the world? In that case, I'm so glad I'm normal.

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